Top 5 Benefits of Keypad Locks for Your Home Security



Our home is the place we go after work, after a break, when we go out, we still come back to the home. Home is to probably everyone in essence all of peace. Besides, that is a place where we want our children and ourselves to feel comfortable. If you use the traditional locks to keep your home secured, you must always keep the keys secure as well. Otherwise, if you have misplaced, overlooked, or lost your home lock keys, you’ll either have to deal with the risk of theft or tackle a lockout situation.
However, the simple solution can be just turning into the keypad locks. You might have heard about keyless door locks and their benefits. In recent years smart door locks have been very common with homeowners. If you’re the one who always fuses the keys, and you’re still concerned about your home safety, perhaps you may need to consider getting keyless locks. In addition to having keyless entry, these digital locks provide tremendous benefits. Take a look here now.

Easy to Use
The mechanism of smart locks based on the principle that is easy to use. Once you set a code, then use the same code every time you enter. These are basically keyless locks that act with Alexa’s voice but all are highly user friendly. When you’re the owner of many vacation rental properties, you’ll need to use these smart keypad locks to make your life easier, give the code to your guests by a phone call or messages, and they’ll use the code while staying at your vacation home. Also, you have a chance to change the code upon their departure. But, these locks need accurate installation before you use it, so it’s great to contact a professional locksmith service like Avidor Ederi. The reason to choose them is they are experts at installing all types of locks and running their business for dozens of years.

Access Tracking
The advantage of this wifi smart lock is the access track so it’s easy to keep up with your home activities from your smartphone. Your lock is connected to your smartphone, so you have full access control for any time you lock and unlock the door. It is most widely used by companies to keep track of workers as they arrive at their office, but particularly if you have teenage children, it’s often a tremendous help to manage the home for your children.

Keyless Door Locks for Higher Security
You always think for more security in the way you live as security is the most important thing for our families and home. Why are smart locks more secure than other locks that involve keys? Smart lock actually operates based on a code that only specific people know, that is, to some you tell, you can change the code instantly if you have any doubt about your locks.

If you have key locks, the keys are also often misplaced or lost, and you’re not sure who’s got the key and who’s going to be able to access the house. So your home is insecure before you switch your keys to a new lock or rekey it. But that is not the case for a keyless door lock, because the code can reset in less than 1 minute if the code get interrupted and your home will have the same protection and security again.
Additional Safety for Kids

Keyless locks are more suitable when you’ve got little children. With the smart locks, you don’t have to worry about if the kids unlock the door and go outside without seeing it, as is always the case for ordinary key locks. When your kids are older and stay home, make sure no one, except you, will unlock the door to your house.
You have access control even though someone wants to interrupt the lock, so you can respond very fast to avoid any kind of unpleasant situation from occurring. The great thing for kids protection is they can’t be locked up. Small kids with curiosity click the key to the lock but still don’t know how to turn it back and stay locked in. You don’t need to deal with this while having keyless door locks.

Saving Money
If you want to save your money, then smart locks will help you in most cases to save you money. With key locks, once the key malfunctions or losses, you need to replace it with a new lock or rekey it, if you want to secure the home 24/7. When you lose the keys, then you have to lose your money as well. Since they operate on Bluetooth but even batteries, this saves time, there are no keys that will be misplaced or lost and that you won’t change the locks again. If you search for the main costs of the keypad locks, then the batteries are the only costs you have for such locks.

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