The Graphic Design Rules That You Should Never Break In Los Angeles



Learn All About The 10 Graphic Design Rules That You Must Always Follow

Graphic design plays an important role in the modern marketing environment and has created a competitive advantage for various companies around the world. We investigated some relevant graphic design rules that can be used for creating highly efective designs.

Graphic design is the art of planning and projecting your ideas in the form of visual or textual content. It helps communicate messages or ideas in a visual way that attracts the attention of customers and conveys the message of your product, event, project, or campaign.

In general, your mission, when it comes to graphic design, is to display information in a harmonious way. You need to ensure that beauty and usability go hand in hand and therefore your design can unobtrusively convey the ideals of your organization to your users.

When you establish a trusted visual presence, you let users know that you know what they want or what they want to do.

This is not just because you’ve arranged aesthetically pleasing elements that are where users expect them to be. But because the values ​​your designs demonstrate also reflect theirs.

Your visual content will quickly decide the fate of your design, so make sure you don’t miss the slightest trigger that might turn off users.

*Importance of graphic design

Nowadays, every business needs a professional graphic designer to create marketing materials such as website designs, social media designs, brochures, logo designs, and many more to effectively convey the message to the target audience.

Graphic design rules are a set of principles that the graphic designer follows to create an impressive design and leave a great impact on the audience. The importance of graphic design can be summed up like this.

  • Impressive graphic design creates a powerful first impression in the minds of your prospects.
  • A well-planned graphic design strategy establishes a brand image and identity that remains consistent in the competitive marketing environment.
  • Graphic designs communicate your brand story to new and potential audiences in the form of images, charts, and reports and draw their attention to your product offerings.
  • A brand that people can see helps build trust and credibility.
  • Effective display of your brand builds a long-term relationship with customers.
  • A good graphic design will gain more visibility and therefore will result in an increase in sales.

Attractive images, increased visibility, and effective communication of ideas drive more traffic and build credibility.

*Graphic design rules to never break

Graphic design makes your brand visually appealing and adds value to your content. Here is a list of rules that you can follow while building your brand in the online marketplace.

  1. Design with consistency

Consistency is an important factor when building your brand digitally. Being consistent in design will ensure that your target audience never confuses you with another misrepresented brand. The most important things to be consistent about in your graphic design are your fonts and color palettes.

  • Color palette: it is best to use no more than 5 colors in your design
  • Font – You should never use more than 3 fonts in your design. This will also give uniformity to your text and thus maintain the consistency of your brand.
  1. More legibility and readability

The main purpose of your design is to communicate with your audience, and therefore legibility and readability become your top priority.


 Excessive use of capital letters: By using more capital letters, readers feel that they are YELLING at them. This is because all uppercase letters have the same height and block shape, but in lowercase, the letterforms have a unique shape and users can easily identify and read each letter.

So avoid these mistakes and improve the readability of your design.

  1. Have a hierarchy with purpose

Hierarchy is the arrangement of visual elements to inform the importance of your design. Some elements are given more attention, such as color, scale, types, etc., and less important elements are given the least attention.

Even by making the smallest adjustments to your design, such as weight, color, or size, the information becomes much easier and more meaningful.

  1. Use short lines of text

One line of body copy must contain a minimum of 6 words on each line and 30-40 characters (including spaces) on each line. You should always use only a few words and keep the word limit in your design by only using those keywords that describe your design.

  1. Keep your alignment

A cluttered design will always look unprofessional and will hurt your brand. Pick a line on your page and try to align your text and visuals with it, according to a simple guideline.

Your line can be vertical or horizontal and always make sure your graphics or text doesn’t appear in a random manner. A method to do this is just adding a left alignment on your page as it will give you an order.

  1. Choose a logical color palette

Color is one of the most powerful tools for all designers, so a properly chosen consistent palette would be an important step in graphic design. When compiling your color palette, you should always check your previous uses of colors and color theory.

Your color theory can have a huge impact on your customers. For example, the color orange stimulates the appetite, which is why the color orange is commonly used in food designs. Always follow certain conventions and codes when choosing a color to convey attractive and eye-catching designs that get your message across.

  1. Accept your white space

White space is a perfectly normal and most desirable part of graphic design. White space is called negative space on your page that contains nothing, such as words, images, or graphic design.

White space makes your page look clean and professional. Due to the clear space on your page, it becomes easy for your audience to navigate through your web page.

  1. Check your grammatical errors

Too many punctuations, grammar, or spelling errors can quickly disappoint your audience. It’s a sign that you just created a design but didn’t take the time to fully review it.

 You should always take a few minutes to review your work thoroughly after completing your design. Grammarly and Hemingway are two prominent software programs for identifying grammatical problems.

  1. Use the right tools

It is one of the important rules of graphic design. A good graphic designer must know which tools can be used in different situations.

Different tools come with various formats and options that you can choose from and create layouts for different purposes. Some of the tools for graphic design, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, are widely used by designers.

  1. Design for your audience

Each design is created for its specific audience that will see and relate to them. Creating a colorful and bright design will always be more eye-catching and attractive.


If you add poor graphics on your page, you will lose your customer as they may consider you unworthy of what you offer them.

But if you carefully follow all the graphic design rules above, you will never lose your target audience, and instead will be able to build more engagement and trust.

At Small Biz Web Design Studio we offer excellent graphic design service to our clients such as banner design, logo design, and brochure design created by professional graphic designers that are consistent and provide optimal performance.

Los Angeles web design by Small Biz Web Design Studio will capture the attention of the audience through high-quality designs and by following the rules of graphic design. Contact us today.


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