Event Staff Apps of the Future: What We Can Expect to See Next Season



The event industry is always evolving, and this is true of the technology we use to run our events as well. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the past few years, and even more, changes are on the horizon. Here’s what you can expect to see next season:

Event Staff Apps Will Become Even More Convenient

Apps will be easier to use, more efficient and personalized.

There’s no doubt that event staff apps are becoming even more popular with each passing season. The next trend we can look forward to is a move away from paper checklists and email reminders, and towards a fully integrated app that allows your staff to do everything they need without needing access to any other tools or devices at the venue. As well as being convenient and easy to use, these apps will also be able to collect data from attendees via surveys or by scanning badges – which means you’ll have access to information such as their preferences and demographics at your fingertips!

Technology Will Further Bridge the Gap Between App Users and Non-App Users

Beyond the apps themselves, technology will also be used to improve overall efficiency at events. As more people use event apps and check-in online, those who don’t have access to a device will feel left out. That can lead to increased stress and frustration among attendees as they try to figure out what is going on around them.

By integrating technology into your event planning process, you can help bridge this gap between app users and non-app users by offering more tangible channels for information delivery that are available not only before and during an event but also after it’s over. For example, if you have an app with a section dedicated exclusively to announcing updates about cancelled sessions or other changes that affect attendees’ schedules, consider posting those announcements on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where they will reach both groups of people equally well—or perhaps even better than through emails since not everyone checks their inboxes regularly!

Greater Transparency Among App Users

  • Greater transparency among app users. The app will tell you who is on site and where they are, allowing you to make an informed decision about your next move. If a worker is close by, you may as well wait for them since there’s no point in trying to find someone else. If a worker is nowhere near, then maybe it’s better for everyone if you just go ahead and take care of that ad yourself so that the other person can get back to the task at hand (and hopefully do it better than you would).
  • Features designed with ease of use in mind. No more endless scrolling through menus looking for specific features—the new apps will have everything clearly labeled and organized well so that no one has trouble using them!

App Flexibility Will Be Key

Apps will need to meet the needs of all users. This is especially true for event staff apps because they can be used by anyone in any type of business, from event planners to venue managers. The best apps will offer features that are useful to all types of users, including those who are new to app development, such as:

  • The ability to easily add or remove features
  • Cross-platform compatibility (such as web or mobile)
  • A robust database so it can collect and store data efficiently

Event Staff Apps Will Be More About the People

Next season, event apps will be more about the people. Event staff apps will better connect you with other attendees and sponsors, allowing you to share information about your interests and meet like-minded individuals. Event organizers can also use these new features to better understand their attendees’ needs and make the event experience more valuable for everyone involved.

Event staff apps will become even more diverse and powerful.

I’m excited to see what’s in store for event staff apps of the future. The time has come for these platforms to become even more diverse and powerful, which will make them more accessible to more people and therefore useful to many more users. Apps are currently relevant to those who use them, but with increased competition, they must be helpful as well.

Event staff apps

The event staff apps of the future will be even more diverse and powerful. They will become even more convenient. They will be even more transparent, flexible, and about the people on your team.


The future of event staff apps is going to be exciting. With more and more people using them on a daily basis, there’s no doubt that these apps will continue to evolve in new and exciting ways. This will lead to better features for users across the board, from those who use an app every day to those who only need it once or twice during an event season (or even less frequently). There are many exciting possibilities here as well—from flexible technology that allows users to access information whenever they need it without requiring them to download anything else upfront (think mobile web apps) or being able

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Event Staff Apps of the Future: What We Can Expect to See Next Season

The event industry is always evolving, and this is true of the technology we use to run our events as well. We've seen a...


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