5 vaping tips from the pros for beginners



vaping tips from the pros for beginners

You have a lot to get your head around when you first enter the vaping world, from placement of the device in your mouth to how you draw on the vape.

When you read this, you’ve landed on the only piece of content you’ll need. Our in-house experts have gathered five tips to help you get off to a great start.

Here are five tips to help you make the most of vaping:

Juice TLC

Give your juice a good shake before you fill or refill it. All ingredients (PG/VG mixture and nicotine) will properly gel together, making for a smoother vaping experience from the very first draw to the very last.

Here are a couple of other quick tips for your e-liquid:

  • E-liquid bottles should not be exposed to direct sunlight
  • Put the lid back on the bottle when you’re finished refilling

Device maintenance

Your device is useless without a battery, so take good care of it. The devices have an LED light that will flash orange or red if they need to be recharged; if you notice it’s dying, put it on charge before it’s completely flat.

If you see any rips in the battery’s wrapping or see any dents or other types of damage to the battery, do not use it. From our online store, you can purchase a new rechargeable battery for your blu PRO® device.

Begin with a starter kit

You’d start on the 5m platform and gradually work your way up if you were new to diving (and had a bit of common sense). It’s the same with vaping.

Start out with a starter kit, and then you can move on to more advanced devices if you wish. We recommend starter kits since they are more intuitive and provide a better introduction to all things vaping. You don’t want to go all out on a fancy device, get it wrong, have a terrible experience, and then give up on vaping forever.

Here at blu, our myblu™ Intense Starter Kit contains everything you need to get going, making it easy to vape right away with minimal fuss.

Experiment with flavours

The choice can be overwhelming with so many options available: Menthol, Blueberry, Strawberry Mint, Green Apple.

What is our advice? Start with what you know and go from there. You’ll probably like tobacco in your vape device if you enjoyed tobacco in a cigarette. You shouldn’t get distracted by what other people are filling theirs with either, as everyone’s taste buds are different.

You can experiment with flavours once you are more comfortable, but focus on the basics first. You want to enjoy your food the most.

Check out our full vape flavour range for yourself.

Replacing coils and refilling liquids

Let’s talk about coils first. They need to be replaced based on a few factors:

  • When do you use your vape
  • Juice type – generally, people who use VG-based e-liquids will need to replace their coils more than those who use a balanced PG/VG ratio
  • The type of e-cigarette you use – if you’ve got a variable voltage mod and you regularly bump the power up, there’s a chance you’ll wear the coil out quicker

The blu PRO® clearomiser will generally need to be replaced every ten refills, depending on how much you use the device.

Similarly, you’ll have to refill your liquid as you vape more. Keeping track of the amount of liquid you consume and figuring out how often you need to refill your tank will ensure you’re never caught short.

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